Ingredients from organic farming

Discover turmeric and its benefits on our health.

All our beers are 100% ORGANIC eco-certified and support fair trade.

Fleur curcuma


CURCUMA (turmeric longa) comes from a plant with the same name and is used as a spice in curry powder, of which it is one of its constituents.
The turmeric we use, originating from South India, is ORGANIC eco-certified.

Fair trade

The turmeric, spices and plant extracts we use are 100% ORGANIC eco-certified.
Originating from different regions of the world, their imports develop a fair trade, allowing organic workers and farmers to make a living out of their work.

Fleur curcuma

Belgian products

Our malt and hops are organic, eco-certified, grown in Belgium and northern France.
Invented by two Dinant enthusiasts, brewed in Binche by a renowned master brewer, our beers combine the excellence of Belgian know-how and the quality of the products, 100% ORGANIC.