About our Curcu concept

A spicy Belgian know-how.

Curcu, a life in a drink: beers invented in Dinant, brewed in Binche, enjoyed everywhere by everyone!


An encounter between two enthusiasts

The start of Curcu

Joseph Gottal, CEO of an anti-cancer molecule research company, created the concept "Curcu, a life in a drink", based on the use of a CURCUMA MIX in everyday life combined with various plant extracts and spices.

The encounter

After developing a blend of turmeric combined with various organic spices and plant extracts, Joseph Gottal and his associate, Alexis de Limburg Stirum, both from Dinant, have registered the brand name of this innovative concept. They met Bruno Deghorain, a renowned chemical brewing engineer, who suggested that they create a beer based on this mix. Curcu Beer was born, blond and refreshing, followed in 2019 by Curcu Max, amber and velvety.

Curcu: invented in Dinant, brewed in Binche, enjoyed everywhere by everyone.

A spicy Belgian know-how

Drapeau Belgique

Our beers are brewed in Belgium thanks to the know-how of a renowned master brewer: Bruno Deghorain.
They are currently the only beers in the world to be ORGANIC, spiced with turmeric and brewed with Belgian know-how.

Raw materials

The result of the Curcu concept

Bières belges au curcuma